Here at XPR, we are gearing up to do a full on run at the TURN GT3 championship in the XPR SLYR Bentley Continental GT3!


Sporting the 3 colours of Skullcandy's standard SLYR headsets (Blue, Green, and Yellow all on Black), 3 of XPR's best will be stomping the European circuits.

In the #89 PS4 Blue Bentley is none other than Gen3ral Ts0, the newly minted XPR member, ready for his first official go in a team entry.

Next up in the #13 PC Yellow Bentley is club veteran, XPR Forbidden. Looking to improve on past finishes over at turn. This car suits him better than the V8's, so watch for him to be a player near the front.

Finally, is XPR President, XPR Roadrunner in the #4 Xbox One Green Bentley. With his personal schedule cleared for this series, he will be looking to make the long haul for the first series in recent memory.

XPR will be sporting a few other entry's across the team and privateer types, and we will announce them in the coming week.

Hope you enjoy, and see you on the track!