XPR Roadrunner and XPR Forbidden did an excellent job wheeling that 2005 M3 to a podium finish, losing 1st ON A TIE BREAKER, no less.

In the first stint, Roadrunner finished 2nd, 1 mile behind Eggy in the F4H Motorsport UK entry (Eggy and Deano). However, Forbidden was able to finish 1 mile ahead of Deano to draw back even after the 2nd stint. Roadrunner barely held on to a 1 mi deficit to Eggy in Stint 3 and Forbidden was just shy of claiming 2 miles on Deano in the final stint.

With 2 stint wins a piece for both teams, the final tie breaker came down to qualifying, where Eggy had put the F4H car on pole, thus declaring the F4H team the winners.

Roadrunner and Forbidden were practically dead even to eachother finishing at the same spot in the first 3 stints (the last stint was 30min longer) so we were definitely the most consistent pairing of the race, so well done lads!

Congrats to F4H on the well deserved victory, we'll get you next time!