Hello all.

I'm here to say that XPR will be supporting Cancer Research and those affected with the deadly disease.

XPR Roadrunner's mom has been recently diagnosed with a rare form of Pancreatic cancer, and will be going through treatment in the coming weeks, including a monumental 6hr surgery to remove the tumour and varying amounts of affected organs. The doctors have thankfully given her a good prognosis, saying that with the surgery and maybe some chemotherapy if needed, she should be in the clear.

However others aren't so lucky, with a lot of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancers succumbing to the disease.

This is not to be confused with the recent Ovarian Cancer awareness efforts by the team at the 6hrs of Sebring, as that was for a separate cause, which was supporting XPR Roadrunner's aunt who was diagnosed with that and is going through chemotherapy following her emergency surgery. Thankfully she was also given a good diagnosis with a 90% chance of recovery.

Moving forward, XPR drivers and teams will be wearing purple and teal support ribbons on their cars.

We wish Stephen and his family the best of luck in both cases and we will do our best to show we care and that we support you guys!